He cares

Things are good.

I told the students, parents, and principal that I cannot coach speech next year.  The other coach already knew about my decision, so this makes it final.  And it feels sooo good, so right.  I just have to make it through April, and my responsibility to speech will all be gone.  That, combined with the decision to pursue my certification in physical education, makes my future look bright!

Church was good this morning.  Good preaching, good music, great Sunday school class!  We're comfortable there but probably too comfortable.  I'm looking for ways to shake up my spiritual life.  I'm really looking forward to a new bible study Wednesday night.  Additionally, I'm waiting for an e-mail in reply to my e-mail suggestions about starting an Easter and Halloween outreaches.  I'm eager to reach out in His name!

All is well on the home front.  Hannah is growing fast, talking more.  Beth is slowly getting the hang of reading.  I know it will take time, but I'm a little impatient to see it happen. hehe

Really, my great God cares for me.  I see it in everything that is and has been my life - yes EVERYTHING!  Even the bad?  Yes, even the bad.  Most especially in the bad times!  He brought me through it all and has made me who I am today. 

I guess that's why this song really spoke to my spirit today in church.  Take a listen...

Today's forget-me-not: "He's always there; He hears my prayers; My great God cares for me."

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