our first family Gobble Jog

We did it!

Sorry for they delay in this most recent running post, but if you read my "swamped" post, you know why this is late. ;-)

Michael ran his first 10k on Thanksgiving while the kids and I cheered him on. 

He ran it in under an hour!
They had some fun things there to occupy our time while daddy ran...

Fun train the kids could climb on.

Let's go runnin now Mommy!

Afterwards, Beth sat with daddy while I ran Hannah in her stroller in the 2k - aka 1 mile. 

My running buddy!

The plan had been to run with both the girls in the double jogging stroller; however, the morning of the jog after putting the jogging stroller in the trunk of the car, we realized it was missing a bolt.  That meant I would have to use the single stroller (above), and Beth would have to run/walk with me.  However, my diva didn't like that plan - her feet hurt. So she said.  That's why she sat with daddy after his 10k while Hannah and I ran.

The upside to all that is I did get to run the 2k whereas I would have had to run/walk while pushing both girls.  It ended up being a good run.  I think I finished the mile in under 10 minutes which is GREAT for me!

Beth tried to get a pic of me, but she cut off my head. LOL

We had a good time.  I would FOR SURE do this again next year.  It made for a healthy, fun, and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Hugging the Turkey on Thanksgiving.

Hope yours was a great one!

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  1. Way to go Jamie! So impressed with all this running! You're doing fantastic!