for mental health

I'm realizing that in my old age - I'm 35 - I speak my mind much more than I used to.  At times, this can be a great thing, but some times, I'm a bit contentious - I'll admit it - and I'm sure I've hurt some feelings.

Does it have to do with my age or just being influenced by the debate crowd for the past five years?

Anyway, because I can't seem to control myself lately, I've put myself on restriction.  I've blocked certain friends on Facebook from seeing my status - those people who might take something that I post in the wrong way.  You know what I mean?  It's like when you type a post just to vent some frustration, but then some of your "friends" take offense and go on the defensive.  Then your status becomes a war zone.

You know what I mean?

Anyway, I think this will help me offend less people.

I've also hidden certain people from my news feed.  Why?  Well, again, in my old age or perhaps with my tenure in debate, I have found that I can't restrain myself from commenting on some one's status or other post that I might find... well... wrong!  And then again, it sparks a posting fight.

I don't do well with strife between friends - so you would think I would be able to keep my mouth shut on certain things, but... I just... CAN'T lately.

So, I'm hoping that hiding certain "friends" from my news feed will decrease my offending people and lower my blood pressure.

That's what I've done lately for the sake of my mental health as it pertains to Facebook.  Now, as it pertains to my job...

Get ready for this...

I'm going to get certified to teach health and PE!

Yes, you have heard me right! I'm so burnt out on grading essays and what it does to me physically, emotionally, and psychologically that I'm looking for another area to teach in.  And get this... Certification in health and PE is as easy as taking and passing a test!

I'm going to give a try! What do I have to lose - except for hours upon hours of essay grading traded for fitness fun!  Who knows, I might like to coach cross country one day?!

for mental health ;-)


  1. Jamie, I think those are great changes!! I know exactly what you mean about offending people. Even though it's my facebook, I can't post what I want because certain people will see it. The idea of you teaching health and P.E. is great!!! Honestly, I think it is perfect!!! I just feel that God is leading you to get healthier and to help others get healthier!! This was in my heart BEFORE you ever mentioned it!! Isn't that just crazy?! I wish you all the best my friend!!! Lots of love to you and those beautiful girls!!!

  2. I completely relate on the English thing...but you know that already. Great idea!