Don't be stupid in 2013

So. My dad is in the hospital - again with complications due to his COPD.  He caught the flu, and COPD and the flu don't mix well.

Why did he catch the flu?  How did he get so far gone with it that yet again he could have died in his sleep because there was so little oxygen running through his system? 

He's still working at the steel mill, still doing the job the doctors said would eventually kill him, and still working 13 days straight, 10 hour days. 


I have little sympathy for stupidity. 

I told him the last time he got sick to leave the cold and depressing Midwest for milder Georgia winters and a better job.  He asked again if I really meant it - him coming down to stay with us.  And, I have yet again told him YES. Get down here! 

We'll see. You know, I love the man because he's my father, but he's an idiot.  So, I really doubt I'll ever see him down here.   More than likely my sister will have to call me some time next year saying he's died. 

Just stupid.

Don't waste your life, people!  It's a gift from God!!!  Living. Loving. Laughing. It's beautiful!  God gives you this great gift and provides everlasting salvation for you and what?  You throw it away!?  I just don't get it!

Make time to LIVE a healthier life in 2013.  Please.

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