2012 resolutions versus 2013 resolutions

Resolution: the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure...

December 2011, I made some resolutions.  Today, I decided to review those and see if I accomplished any of them...

1. Lose 15 pounds with Lose It!

I did this!  Mark it - ACCOMPLISHED!

I started with the Lose It app on my phone, and eventually, I switched to My Fitness Pal - another phone app.  My sister uses this.  My husband uses this.  A lot of people I know use this as a way to track their calories and fitness.  I did lose that last 15 pounds.  In fact, I lost over 20 pounds with this app AND with my ease into a 5K app.  I became a runner in 2012, and I surpassed my weight loss goal and fitness expectations!

2. Make extra money easily on the side!

I did not accomplish this to the extent that I was hoping for.  And, you know what? I'm fine with that!  Mark this - NOT ACCOMPLISHED - THANKFULLY!

I've learned something about money.  It's not all that important, so why make earning more of it a priority in my life? We have what we need, and we mostly get whatever we want. 

It was really a stupid resolution.  One I do not intend to make again!  I'll still do the ebay thing, the consignment thing, and upload to the teachers pay teachers website.  I'll do it because it's smart and easy, but I won't make it priority.  There are too many other things in life that are more important.

3. Stay in balance!

I was rocking this at first.  Then school started again in August, and speech and debate season took off...  Speech and debate really makes staying in balance in life impossible, and if you've read any of my other posts on this subject, you know how I intend to fix this.  Starting May 2012, no more speech and debate for me!  So as of right now, mark this one - WORK IN PROGRESS!

As for resolutions for 2013...  Keeping it simple...

1. Grow Spiritually
2. Stay Healthy
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often

Now, I've read that new year's resolutions typically don't get accomplished because they are too vague.  You need a specific plan for each resolution to help you to accomplish them.  Here's my plan...

1. Grow Spiritually - Continue working at a consistent quiet time.  Going to sign up for some women's conferences and concerts for 2013.
2. Stay Healthy - Adding strength training to my running regimen.  Going to hit the gym at least 3 days, sometimes 4 times, a week.  Also, as always, watching my food choices.
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often - Going to Disney in 2013!

If you are contemplating new year's resolutions, you have to watch this. And GOOD LUCK!

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