running cold

Today, I ran the 5K from hell!  It was gravel paths through the woods - paths that went up, up, up... and paths that went down, down, down...  Steep paths.


Round this bend, a decline that threatened to bend my ankle in half!

This race was not fun.  And it was cold! 

I've learned two things about myself as a runner... 

1. Give me a good, paved city 5K any day over one at a local park.
2. I don't like running when I'm cold.

The first newly discovered fact about me is easily fixed.  I'll just registered for those races I know will be done on a road - or at least surfaces that are paved.

The second newly discovered fact about me is a bit more of a problem.  It's November.  If I'm going to run at least one 5K a month - which is my goal - and, additionally, participate in some monthly "fun runs" with the girls when I go with Michael and he runs, then I need to get over the cold.  I'm from freakin Chicago for crying out loud!  I guess living down south for over 13 years now has thinned my blood.

Anyway, I've been reading online about how to stay warm when running.  I've found some websites that talk about the importance of a hat, a scarf, and gloves.  I sure could have used the gloves today!  I was so distracted by the fact that my fingers were going numb that I wasn't really enjoying my run like I usually do. 

Well, if any of you are runners or walkers and don't let the cold stop you, share with me how you stay warm without wearing so much that you look like an Eskimo. 

I ran this 5K in 38:45.  A sorry time when I had improved to 35 minutes. 

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  1. Try Under Armour! You'll stay comfortably toasty!

    I'm super impressed with your running skills though! Keep it up! You're doing great!