A new Thanksgiving tradition.

Yep. You guessed it ;-)

Another race!

Michael and I have changed how we eat and how we live.  Our calorie intake is lower, and our activity level is high.  As a result, another Thanksgiving will massive amounts of food and then leftovers... Well, it was less than appealing. ;-)

Hence, the gobble jog!  Michael will be running the 10k - OMG - and I'll be doing the one mile with the kids and the double jogging stroller.  I'm excited for this! 

Afterward, we'll head back home for lunch and then later head to his mom's for dinner. 

I'm happy with the changes we've made to our lifestyle.

And, I'm look forward to other changes.  First, I'm going to start pulling out of speech and debate in January.  I plan to tell the debate coach this when we get back from our Thanksgiving break.  I simply cannot go through a second semester that was anything like the first.  And it is decided - I am not coaching speech next year.  I'll tell the principal and the parents after March - before spring break. 

That decision will enable me to be a better teacher - which is my first love when it comes to anything in education - my classroom.  It will enable me to be a better person - a less stressed, angry individual.  It will enable me to be a better wife and mother - no more Saturdays away from my family!

Second change, my quiet time.  I just HAVE to get serious about a CONSISTENT quiet time with the Lord.  When I have that in my life, that is something which also makes me a better person.  And, I'm sure that is what I need right now to help fix my attitude regarding my church and some that attend there.  God is the only one that can fix my heart, and I know that if I ask, I will receive that change. And as I'm mostly sure that - at least for right now - He wants us to stay at FBC, I need for Him to show me how and why.

Sooooo... I'm thankful for new beginnings this season.  Thankful that God doesn't give up on us.  That He does not forsake His chosen.  That God is great, and God is good, so thank you Lord for this food - tomorrow. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!


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  1. My husband and I are REALLY trying to get healthy together. We are exercising together and trying to eat right. It really helps doing it together!!!