My first 5K - I did it!!!

Got a babysitter for the kids, and we packed up and left for the University of Georgia (UGA) Sunday afternoon.  We got to the Hilton Garden Inn, and my husband and I started our sight seeing together.  It began with a look outside our cool hotel.  A hotel is cool ONLY if it has a fountain outside of it, and ours did! ;-)

We walked around Athens for a bit.  I saw a few former students, but thankfully, they didn't see me ;-)  We ate at a really cool pizza place called "Your Pie".  Then, we went exploring some more.  Found this...

University of Georgia football stadium
After exploring, we headed back to the hotel for the night.  Got some good sleep, and we awoke at 6:00am to get dressed and go to Action Dash registration.  :-)

ready to run my first race

hubby ready to run his first race
I can't tell you the amount of energy and excitement that was running through me!  I had set only two goals for this race: 1 - have fun! 2 - run most of the race with minimal walking breaks.

The first was easy to achieve.  They had a warm up for the race where everyone had to get out and do a dance called the wobble.  Back in my day - am I really that old? - we "warmed up" with songs like the electric slide. LOL  Anyway, I got to learn the moves to a new song! I like being silly in front of large crowds!

The second goal wasn't so hard to achieve either, surprisingly.  I only walked in the race once - at a HUGE hill near the engineering building.  Wow! No one told me that the UGA campus was filled with hills!  There were some difficult inclines, but like I said, I only stopped at one really big one and walked it.  Only about 4 mins of my time was spent there.  The rest of the race, I ran! PROUD! OF! ME!!

I finished strong!  My e-mail from Action Dash that had my results read...

Your 5K time was 39:25
Your pace was 12:41/M
You were number 104 overall
You were number 4 of 8 in your age group 35-39

For my first 5K - I'm happy!  And I can't wait to run again!!!  Even though I was about ready to die as I finished the race...

My husband did great for his first 5K.  He got 3rd place overall for his age group!  He finished in about 30 mins.

hubby getting his 3rd place prize - an Action Dash bag

As for me...

I got a cool t-shirt!

I think I'm gonna like collecting race t-shirts!




  1. Great Job Jamie!!! I am so proud of you!!!! You are such an inspiration and you look GREAT!!!!