live like you are dying

Bible study started back this past Wednesday night after having ended for the summer this past May.  And man, oh man, I so needed it! 

I really missed delving deep into the word of God for truth with fellow female Christians who are equally thirsty for a word from the Savior.  *insert relaxed sigh* It was great!

The study I'm attending is a Kay Arthur study on spiritual warfare.  Last night, we got a good look at the enemy and how he works.  He's subtle - or "crafty" as the Bible calls him - and manipulates God's word to make you doubt yourself and God.

Ultimately, the enemy will be destroyed by Jesus, but until then, he lives to disrupt our relationship with our creator.  And I know - all too often - I let him do just that.  I'm looking forward to finishing this study and learning how to better combat my enemy.

He's a tough foe, but often, my toughest foe is myself.  I doubt. I worry. I'm a control freak.  And often, I think I know best - or better - about... well, everything.  I set myself up for failure when I do these things and I don't trust my savior. 

I need to trust.  I need to relax.  I need to enjoy - and be thankful for - the life God has blessed me with.  Life can change in an instant, so I need to revel in the moments with my family and my health that He's given to me.

A friend of mine passed away unexpectedly.  We had gone to high school together.  We were on the speech team together.  We had just reconnected through facebook.  Then, she was gone.  Thirty-five and never woke up one morning.  Just like that.  Done.

You never know how much time you are awarded on this earth.  Only God knows that.  Yes, life can be hard.  For a Christian, it's a spiritual battle every day.  However,  it's a gift - life.  To breathe.  To wake up the next morning.  To see your loved ones.  To live your life.  All. Gifts.

I'm realizing that.  And now, I'm striving to live like everyday is a gift.

It's hard.  But I gotta try.  It's a disservice to my savior to not live every day as if it is a gift.  He gives us these precious days. 

We gotta live like we're dying.


  1. Amen to that Jamie! I love when you share your Bible study. Thank you!