an award

I got an award yesterday for dedication to coaching speech and debate at our first tournament this season.

I was holding another coach's baby girl at the time.  It was the coach that hosted the tournament.  She knows exactly what it's like trying to dedicate time to a school's speech and debate program while teaching and balancing life as a wife and a mother.  It's hard! And she thought I deserved this.

*cue huge smile*

It's nice to be recognized for your efforts every now and then.  Often in the speech and debate world, it seems like those coaches who get recognized the most are those that "martyr" themselves and their lives for these events.  Often, they don't have families, so I guess they figure it's no big deal if they go to EVERY. SINGLE. TOURNAMENT. under the sun. 

But ladies like Lee and I, we can't do that.  We won't do that.  As much as we love speech and debate and recognize the importance of it and its life changing effect on students, our families have to come first.  Too often - because of speech and debate - they don't.  And that's the sacrifice we make to ensure the students we work with have this opportunity to grow as new speakers and as newly empowered individuals.   

It's a calling; that's for sure!  And until God says, "Stop, Jamie. Move in a different direction," I'll keep juggling my roles as wife, mother, friend, teacher, and coach.  And it's just nice that sometimes you get recognized for your effort.

Thanks Lee!

ps. Please ignore the fragments in this piece. Besides, I would term them as "functional". ;-)