a flight home

Me and my girls went to see my family in Indiana.  Hubby had to work - new job. 

I'm originally from Indiana.  Born and raised a Hoosier.  ;-) It wasn't until I met my Georgia peach in an internet chat room 13 years ago that I moved south.  I guess I should tell you all that story... later though. LOL

Anyway, it was because of my father's near death experience that I thought I should go see my family.  It put an emphasis on the fact that life is short and you don't want to live with any regrets, so I went to see him, to see my mom, to see everyone.  No one had seen Hannah yet, and I knew I would regret it if I didn't "share" her with them while she was still so young.  Sooooo, I flew north with my girls, and they saw their Grammy - my mom - for the first time.

I saw my dad too, but only for a couple hours for pizza one night.  I didn't think to get a picture.  :-(  Anyway, it was awkward.  He's working too much again and doing a job he shouldn't be doing for his health all because he is obsessed with paying off bills. I mean he's OCD about it!  I tried to encourage him to make some decisions to improve his life like insisting on them transferring him to another position at work, getting a credit card so it's not so hard on him to buy the things he needs when he needs them (like groceries) because he obsessed with paying other things, or not working 6 days a week.  But, he doesn't listen.  He's on some anti-depressant drugs that numb him to  life, and as a result, he's not even thinking about his eternal destination anymore.  After his near death experience, he had talked about going to church.  Not any more.  It's sad.  He's sad to look at too.  He looks like death walking. I'm kinda glad, in a way, that I didn't get a pic of him right now. 
Well, aside from a short, disappointing visit with him, the rest of the experience was great.  We had some excellent pictures taken of the cousins - despite the fact that the youngest of my sister - Lucas - HATED Hannah.  No exaggeration people.  He was very upset she was in his territory, so the below pic was a miracle to have gotten.
It was nice to see everyone - together.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.  In a way, it makes me want to be closer to my family.  However, one thing is certain; Indiana doesn't feel like home anymore.  Georgia has everything that is "home".  Our church, our jobs, our friends, our children's one of a kind daycare/school... I know I couldn't have found a better place to raise a healthy family. 
I am blessed.


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  1. Beautiful pictures Jamie! I am sorry about your dad. I will pray for him. He may not realize it right now, but The Lord is there to carry him trough it all. I will pray that he sees that real soon and gives his life over to The Lord. I am glad that he got to see you and the girls though. I am glad that you were able to have a nice visit with family. I sure miss mine:( God bless you my friend!