home, sweet home

Today, I stayed home with Hannah. 

Yes, she's sick - again.  She has a raging ear infection.  However, it was nothing that Tylenol, antibiotics, and a six hour nap couldn't cure!  Whoo hoo for six hour naps!!!!

Anyway, it got me to thinkin... dangerous, I know! ;-)

I would love to work part time.  I would love to work three days a week and someone else work two.  I'd even settle for working half days! 

Why, you ask? 

Well, it would give me time to take care of my house.

Laundry, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen floor, dishes, picking up toys... It's just stuff that doesn't get done during the work week.  It's not possible.  I get home too late, put the kids to bed, and shortly thereafter, I crash. 

But it feels nice to have a clean house.  I feel better as a mom, a wife, and as a person when my house is clean.

Well, it's nice to think about working part time, but the reality is my school district just doesn't offer that - anymore.  They used to.  Maybe they will again one day.

Until then...

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