a prayer

Today during our worship service, I felt burdened to pray.  Pastor was preaching, but I felt the spirit say I should pray now.


So, I wrote down a prayer.  I thought I'd post it here for a couple reasons.  One, if you have a minute, please pray God answers this prayer.  Two, I don't want to forget this prayer - it's something I'm sure I'll need to pray often as I'm still very much a sinner - albeit a sinner saved by grace, but as a Christian, I think we struggle more with sin than nonbelievers do!  Mostly because they don't know they are sinning half the time... but, that's another story... or post... whatever. :-)

Anyway, here it is.  Judge away - because that's what we fallen humans do - but first remember to remove the plank in your own eye ;-)

God - Please help me; heal me.

Give me a new heart for my pastors, my church, and for (here I named specifically two individuals from my church I've individually struggled with "loving").

Give me a new heart for my colleagues at work, for... (here I named 5 individuals I've judged, and some who've judged me).

Give me a new heart for my Hannah, my Beth, my husband.  (I have my moments with all three).

Give me a new heart for me. (I'm a bit hard on myself, who I am and what I look like - weight issues).

Give me a new heart for YOU, and by that, I know this will all work itself out for your glory!


I just want to live each day for His glory and honor, and in that way, I know I can be content.  It's a struggle - one that is totally worth it!

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