6 months and 5 years

Time just keeps ticking away, and my girls just keep growing.

Hannah is now 6 months old as of Jan. 8th!

She is so sweet, and she smiles like there is no tomorrow!  Generally, she's a happy baby.  And if she's not happy, then she's hungry, wet, lonely, or just plain wants a nap.  Pretty easy girl to figure out.  Lovin her to pieces. :-)

My Beth Grace will be five on Jan. 16.  Wow... five years have passed.  It's just amazing how she's grown into such a smart, self assured, independent, happy child.  She amazes me each day with the observations she makes.  And right now, she's looking forward to her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.  It's this Saturday. I'll be sure to post pics.

But for now, here is my five year old princess.

Happy birthdays my girls!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful girls! Happy birthday sweetie pies!!

  2. Wow. Time sure has flown by since I last visited (took a little blogging break). Your girls are just gorgeous!