UTI report

First, I must say thank you to my sweet bloggie friends for posting that you would pray for my Hannah Faith. I love you gals!

((((((((group hugz))))))))

I am happy to report that she is doing better.  Today is the first day since Wednesday that she hasn't had a high fever. Her temp is back to normal.

It was Wednesday when the daycare called me at work and told me that Hannah had spiked a fever - then 101.1  So, I left work, got her, took her to the doctor.  Doctor said it just looked like a bad cold.  Nothing in her ears, nothing in her chest, and the flu test was negative.  She was a bit congested, but that was all.

So, I stayed out of work with her on Thursday.  Her temp was still in the 101 range, and that night she hit a temp of 103.7 and then later at 2am she hit 104.4!  So, Michael stayed home with her on Friday - he was off anyway for veterans day.

He took her to the doctor again since her temps had gotten so high. I figured we were probably in for a delayed ear infection and/or maybe pneumonia... However, he called me at work later that day and told me of the ordeal he had with our baby girl...

The doctor again couldn't find anything wrong with her except the high temp and mild congestion.  Evidently - I found this out after googling - when a baby has a high fever of unknown origin it often turns out to be a bladder infection - aka UTI.  So in order to find out what was wrong, they had blood drawn from my baby's tiny veins at the hospital, and then they catheterized her to get a urine sample.

Ya'll, can I just say, I hated not being there for my baby - I had to work.  However, I think I would have hated more seeing them do all that to my girl!  Days like that are what daddies are for ;-)

Anyway, the urine sample showed white spots - an infection.  Prescription = antibiotic shots in each thigh, the kind that go in slowly and painfully, and also oral antibiotics for this week.

When Michael asked how something like this happens to a baby of 4 months, the doctor replied that would be a discussion for another day - the follow up visit. 

The visit I get to go to tomorrow as daddy is flying out of town for most of this next week. 

Well, since I can't ever wait for answers to my questions, I googled about UTIs in infants and read some friends responses to my UTI posts on facebook.  Evidently this could be some random occurrence of bacteria that traveled up Hannah's urethra to her bladder OR this could be kidney reflux (when the tubes aren't formed complete from kidneys to bladder).

The only way to find out which it is will be to catheterize Hannah again to do some kind of test.  And I'm afraid they'll want to do that tomorrow when I take her, alone, by myself, without daddy. :-(   Ugh!

Well, I'll let you gals know what the verdict is when I find out, but until then, please PRAY that it's not kidney reflux.  If it is, evidently she'll have to be on antibiotics until she outgrows it... which could be years...

I know all this isn't the end of the world - my Jesus has Hannah in His hands - the Hands we gave her into on the day we dedicated her to Him.  I'm not worried about her, not really.  I guess my only real fear is that I'll have to see her in pain.  And it's the worser (new word) kind of pain than when your kid gets vaccinated - and that makes me choke back tears! 

I'm coveting your prayers for my baby girl!!!  Keep em' coming ladies!  And maybe for her momma too?

Thx! (((hugz)))


  1. I will keep both of you in my prayers Jamie. I pray that God heals Hannah and she does not have to deal with this long term. Just remember, you are her mom and you have the right to decide what they do and when they do it.

    My oldest went through this as a baby. She had an infection that was very hard to get rid of. It took several rounds of antibiotics. They wanted to do further testing on her too, but I felt as though she had been through enough. She had already been cathed several times and I just couldn't put her through any more. I made the decision that this was her first infection and may not signify anything so I would wait to see if she got another. She never got another one until she was seven and hasn't had another since. She is now thirteen and has only had two in her life. It is so hard to know what is best. I don't envy you having to make that decision for you sweet Hannah. Somethimes mommyhood sure is tough. We just want to do the best thing for our precious children. God bless you and sweet Hannah!!!

    My rainbow has to have surgery in February and I really wish he didn't. I really wanted to say no, but I must think of what is best for him and not what is best for me. I pray that God's will is for him to do great and come through surgery with flying colors. It is going to be so hard to hand him over to the doctors. This stuff sure isn't easy is it?

    Prayers for you and sweet Hannah and great big ((((HUGS)))) too!


  2. I will certainly be praying for you Jamie!! (((hugs))) to you too!