immediate prayer request

Hannah has an issue with her bladder. 

She spiked a fever of 104.4 last night - scared me... to! death! 

It was resolved with infant Tylenol, but the doctors didn't know what was causing it.  They did some tests today that involved putting a catheter in my baby for a urine sample AND drawing blood at the hospital. :-(

She's four months old, ya'll!!!!

The urine showed some white spots - they are GUESSING :-( it's an infection.

She is getting a shot of antibiotics and will be on them all weekend too.  We go back on Monday to see if there has been any improvement. 

Please pray that the good Lord heals my baby!!!!

Thank you!


  1. Bless her heart! And yours too! Praying now!

  2. I will pray for her! My oldest went through this exact same thing when she was a baby so I know just how scary this is. She will be okay though. The Good Lord will heal her!! (((hugs))) for you and Hannah. I am so sorry she is sick:(:(

  3. Praying that God watches over her this weekend, comforts her and heals her. Sending you hugs.

  4. Oh my goodness! Praying for immediate healing.

  5. Oh my! I will certainly be praying my butt off!!

  6. praying for her....and for you. Hope she feels much better tomorrow. Those high temps are sure scary...........and makes you feel so helpless as a mom!