undeservedly happy

I've had a full weekend - so this post is coming right before I'm about to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. :-)

Hannah goes to daycare for the first time tomorrow.  I think I have all her stuff together - I'm pretty sure I do. 

It's hard to explain, but I don't really feel that I'm dropping her off at daycare.  I feel as if I'm dropping her off at a good friend's house.  Almost like it's a relative's home, really.  (And actually, Michael drops the kids off at daycare, and I pick them up ;-)

I know the ladies who own/run this daycare/preschool.  They are beautiful, godly ladies!  Everyone there is sooo awesome!  So when people ask me how hard it is on me to have my baby there, well, it really isn't hard at all.  I've already had a week at work while Michael stayed home with Hannah, and that went well.

Emotionally, I'm great!

Life - is - well - GREAT right now. :-)

I am counting my blessings, and I find myself undeservedly happy.

Hope all is well with you and yours!


  1. It is amazing to me when we can stop and see how blessed we are and how God really is taking care of us...I'm glad you feel so good about things.

  2. Jamie, I looked for a contact form or a way to email you but couldn't find one! I am working on a remembrance project for Oct 15 and want to include your angel! email me! (oh- it's melissa from holdingontothebrightspots :) )