I've got that peace I prayed for - and largely it's because of those of you who commented on my previous post entitled "conflicted".

We decided to place alter flowers at the church in honor of our Angel and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Sadly, October 16th was already taken by someone else, so we'll have them placed on October 23rd.  But, that's okay. 

I think I've found this new way of honoring our Angel - all our angels! - and raising awareness.  A way to honor this month that is soooo important!  It makes me feel good.  I've got tears in my eyes, but they are tears of joy.  Joy - that God is so good to me when I fall so short on a daily basis of being all I could be for Him.  I love my God - my Jesus!!!

So every October, I will participate in raising awareness and honoring our Angel - all our angels - by placing flowers at the alter in our church.

And also, on October 15th, I will participate in the international wave of light.  Check out that link for more information.

This is good.  This is right.


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