Mental Health Monday... on Friday!

Those of you that have been reading my blog since its inception will remember when I used to do a monthly mental health Monday (MHM) post.  I think it only actually happened two or three times, but the whole point of MHM was to take a day off from work just to relax.  A day for me. To recharge and refocus.

Well, today, I took that kind of day. It really happened on accident though...

Hannah has been super congested.  And when I took her temperature the day before last, it was elevated.  Not a fever, but just elevated.  Anyway, Michael took her to the doctor yesterday, and she's fine - just congested.  No fever, nothing in her ears or chest, just a snotty nose.

Well, I had anticipated she'd be sicker than she really was, so I got a sub lined up for today.  Since she's really not sick, I was going to go in to work and send her on to daycare with Beth - mostly because they couldn't find a sub for my classes and my coworkers were going to have to cover for me if I didn't show.  However, when my department head texted me last night that they had found a sub, I knew instantly - I'M STAYING HOME!!!

And so far, it's been a great decision!  I've had time to feed my baby and then snuggle her - just she and I.  No daddy and no big sister to bother us.  I've been suckin her nose and playin with her (she's becoming so much more alert!). 

I'M HAVING SO. MUCH. FUN. just holding her and singing... "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..."

Also, I've been relaxing on the couch, catching up on some shows I've tivo'd.  I confess - I love The Doctors  :-)

I'm not taking a shower, and I'm not doing much housework - I am getting a head start on the laundry though ;-)

It's a great day people!  Everyone should take a MEM ever now and then!!

Have you had a MEM lately?

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  1. So happy you had a great day!!! Times like that are so precious:):)