in honor and in loving memory

Today, our family placed these flowers at the alter of our church:

The church bulletin read... Today's alter flowers are placed in honor of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and in loving memory of all the babies awaiting us in heaven someday including Angel Baby Wills.  Placed by Michael, Jamie, Beth and Hannah Wills.

I've requested that the flowers be taken to the local hospital and given to a mom who has just suffered a loss.  However, if - praise God - there is no one who has suffered a loss, I asked that they be given to the nurses on the maternity floor as we all know what a God send they can be when you hit that dark time of loss.

As for us, we took three of the roses from the arrangement - one for each of our children - and placed them next to Angel's memory box.  I lit the candle today in memory of our dear baby. 

Today, I feel complete having done this.

Today, I feel at peace.

Praying you will feel the same at some point after your loss.



  1. That is so wonderful Jamie! You are such a lovely person and a wonderful mama!

  2. Love! I wish I'd thought to do it myself! Maybe next year!

  3. What a lovely idea Jamie! Just perfect to honor your sweet Angel! HUGS!

  4. This is a great thing! God bless you!