Just got back from having a date night with hubby and some of our peeps from Sunday school.

(FYI - The entry that I posted on Sunday I wrote on Saturday morning, and this post I wrote Saturday night.  I've used the "schedule your post" option for my blog - first time ever ;-)

((I've just been in the mood to journal/blog today and didn't want to publish them all on one day!))

Anyway, I can't tell you how AWESOME the movie Courageous is.  We went to see that tonight, and it's... just... life changing.

I laughed. I wept. I laughed some more.  I wept some more.

And I left the theatre feeling emotionally drained and empowered all at the same time!

EVERYONE should see this movie!  Here's the trailer...

The movie's theme centers around dads stepping up and being the fathers and husbands that they should be! Oh, how I wish my father would have stepped up for us. It's one of my greatest sorrows.  Yet, one of my greatest joys is that I have a husband who is willing to do that and is that for me and my daughters.

In fact, he surprised me tonight.

Driving home, he said out of the blue, "Did you think of our Angel on August 5th?" 

I could hardly speak!  I had spent that day alone with Hannah on maternity leave.  I blogged about it here.  I had lit a candle for our Angel, but I had thought that Michael had forgotten the date...

I stammered, "Yes.  I lit the candle for our Angel that day."  Then I asked, "If you remembered, why didn't you say anything?!"

He said he didn't know if I had remembered, and so he didn't want to bring up something so painful. 

We talked about our Angel.  We haven't done that together in a long time!  I told him I remembered on my birthday and will most likely always remember our Angel on my birthday - the day we found out something was wrong.  And then I'll always remember August 5th.

Tonight was special - because after watching a movie about fathers loving their children, my husband wanted to talk about our Angel.

I love him.

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  1. That is so wonderful that he DID remember your Angel even though you didn't know it. That is very special and just shows that he loves ALL of his babies and their mama too:)