3 Months

Mary - Your 2 months old post about your rainbow inspired my post :-)

Heeeeerrrrre's Hannah Faith - 3 months old!

This is Hannah in her spirit t-shirt for her daycare's spirit day.  She has been to daycare now for one week!

Daddy, big sis Beth, Hannah, and Beth's bed time bear (that she's had since she was 3 months old :-)

She loves to "stand" on her feet.  I have a happy baby, ya'll!  So smiley!!!
I am blessed!  She's down for the night by 9pm and only gets up to feed once at around 3pm.  She's a good, sweet baby!!

Happy 3 months, Hannah Faith!


  1. Oh Jamie, That little girl is sooooo cute!!!!! BOTH of those girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

    My rainbow loves to "stand" too. Why do these babies insist on growing up so fast? Don't they know how much we long to savor these days?

    I am so glad your Hannah is an easy baby for you. Our Benjamin is too and it is such a blessing.

    By the way, those pictures are just too cute!!!

    God bless you all!

  2. Blessed is ALL that comes to mind :)