the beginning of the end

This is the last week of my maternity leave.  It's back to work next Monday.

When I think about this, I have a variety of feelings... I'm excited... nervous... anxious...

I've been blessed with this time off.  Hannah is now 10 weeks old.  That's two and a half months old.

It doesn't seem like two months have passed.

Anyway, it's been a good two months!  I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my in-laws.  They've got to hug on this last grand baby a whole lot more than with Beth. I know they've enjoyed this time too!

I've had a chance to let my body recover from a trying pregnancy and second c-section, and I've lost over 10 pounds since I started Weight Watchers!

I know going back to work will get me moving more and watching what I eat even more than I have lately, so I'm sure it will kick start the weight loss. That's a plus!

But a lot of stress awaits me back at work.  A lot of unrealistic expectations and drama.  I'm really going to strive to not be a part of ANY of that!  I'll do what I can as much as I can - as if working for the Lord - and then leave work at work.  To tend to my other "job" and more important calling as wife and mother.  And my other job as friend and Christian. 

Don't get my wrong, my mission field - my classroom, this high school I'm called to - is very important.  However, although it ranks high in my life of important responsibilities, it is not the most important thing in my life.

As my current bible study urged me to explore while seeking balance in my life - all things I do need to be done for the glory of the Lord, or else, why do them?! 

So... I teach... I coach... but before I do this I worship my God, I love my husband, and I nurture my kids.  I'm a friend, and I am a Christian with responsibilities to her church.  And I think I have struck a balance with all these things.

I'm a work in progress. 

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to go back to work when your little one is still so small. In Canada, we have one year off for maternity leave - it just seems so much kinder for both mothers and babies. I hope your transition back to work isn't too stressful and that you are able to balance all that is in your rich and full life.