adopting an almost two year old - any advice?

No! It's not us! We'd be crazy to go there right now! But in the future?... ;-)

Seriously though, friends of ours - our new Sunday School teachers - are adding another little boy to their family via adoption.  It's so exciting!  And so terrifying!!  I so admire them and all of you that have started or added to your family by adopting.  It's amazing to watch how God has worked and is working in your lives!

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask you to visit my friends Joe and Nicole at Matters of a Mommy's Heart.  Really it is Nicole that blogs, but the blog is all about their family... Joe, Nicole, Aiden and as soon to be this weekend, Kevin.  She could really use your support, love, and any advice you might offer.  When they got Aiden, he was an infant.  Kevin will be almost two.  His mom and dad will be turning him over to them this weekend.  That is sure to be a blessed but stressful and emotional moment.

So go show her some love and words of encouragement, please!

(((hugz))) to Nicole and her family from me and mine!

UPDATE: The adoptive parents have changed their mind.  PLEASE go show Nicole and her family some love at her blog.  They are very discouraged.

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