great news @ 36 weeks

My doctor moved up my c-section date!!!  It was July 25th but now it is July 12th!!! I'm so excited!  It means relief from pregnancy symptoms AND I  get to spend more time with my Hannah before going back to work :-)

Dr. B took one look at me today and said, "You're done."  I said, "My words exactly!" LOL

My tachycardia and breathing has gotten worse - which is the main reason for moving up the date.  However, after last Friday she was even more compelled to get this show on the road.  She said she'd never seen such a bad case of constipation and hemorrhoids!  She's all for getting me some early relief in that department :-)  Of course, add in the fatigue, the worse heartburn from drinking more water, and painful braxton hix contractions - YEP! I'M DONE!!!

I'm so stinkin excited right now I can't see straight!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!


  1. Yeah!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of that beautiful baby girl! Only 11 more days:)

  2. YEA....How exciting. That is my sons birthday. He will be 9, and he is counting down the days! I will be praying for you and baby!

  3. Wow Jamie - so glad to hear it. What an answered prayer!

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.