Warning - pregnant woman venting

First, let me apologize to those reading - and who continue reading this - that are in the midst of TTC and would do anything and endure anything right now to be where I am currently - 33 weeks pregnant.  I've been there.  TTC and urning for that urge to vomit that may signal the start of a new life growing inside me...  I hope and pray daily you get what you want!  Especially if you are a BLM and TTC! 

Anyway, so if you currently can't stand to hear a pregnant person whine about her aches and pains, now is the time to click away from this post. 

I'm sorry, but I have to do this...

Seriously, I'm about to let it all out.  CLICK.  AWAY.

Here goes.... I can't breathe people!!!!  HELP!    Why does breathing have to be so hard?!?!?!  It makes everything else hard - like walking and talking.  Two things I kinda like to do! 

I feel all... bloated and useless.  I feel like I'm robing Beth of a better summer vacation.  I feel like I'm robing my husband of his wife.  Like I'm robing me of me!

I want ME back!

All this makes it very hard to bond with Hannah right now. I just want her out so I can start to figure out a new normal which includes two children instead of one - whoa, and that alone blows my mind! 

I guess I just like to be productive, and I hate it that I just can't right now.  I can't.  I hate waiting.  HATE! IT!

I need to go get that book, Pregnancy Sucks:  What to do when your miracle makes you miserable.

 Now, I'm hungry.  Again.  Gotta go. More vent later.  Possibly about how I was up every 30 mins last night with the urge to walk around the house.  Yeah...


  1. If you have the urge to walk, DO IT! Sleep during naptime! Walking might just get Hannah here sooner so you can be less miserable.

    (Also? I would rather be pregnant than have a baby right now. I loved being pregnant but...well...me and my infant didn't see eye-to-eye.)

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Although I can't relate to the pregnancy part, as a chronic pain sufferer I CAN relate to feeling useless and like my husband is getting dealt a crappy hand. Let's not kid ourselves - it's hard to adjust to a 'new normal' and having people tell you to not dwell on it does't help. But in a way it is true - although Hannah may not understand all the intricacies of pregnancy, your husband knows that this is temporary. It will take time to adjust to this and I know that it took me a very long time to let myself 'off the hook' for being a lot less productive than I was before. Now, I set one or two goals for the day and to be honest, I often don't even achieve them and so I feel guilty, but I've learned that they just move the incomplete task to another day and it'll get done when it gets done...but it take a long time to et to that mindset. Good luck!