Summer Time

My summer has begun!  Last day of post-planning was yesterday.

That means, my maternity leave has begun!!

I won't be back to work until the last Monday in September!!!!  Whooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

So what's the first thing I did today?  I had my carpets cleaned! 

Ya'll, they REALLY needed it!  And in the process, I've uncovered a lot of things that REALLY need cleaning before I bring a new baby in this house.  It's gonna be a busy summer.

But I'm determined to make it a relaxing summer as well.  Pool time. Movie time. Library time. NAP TIME!  All these things are on the agenda!

It's my last summer where it will be just Beth and me.  That's sad and exciting.  I want to be sure to make this summer a great one with her while preparing for Hannah.

Hannah is great!  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and every two weeks after that for June.  Then it's every week in July.  However, I don't need a doctor to tell me that she's doing just fine.  Hannah does that a lot! 

THIS CHILD MOVES!  MUCHO!!  :-)  Beth never moved around that much in me... at least, not that I remember.

Anyway, besides heartburn, braxton hix, and being, in general, very uncomfortable - life is good.

Hope all is well with you and yours!



  1. Yay for summer! YAY, I SAY! :)

  2. Hi my friend, glad to hear you are doing great. Hope you enjoy your summer and can't wait to see pictures of Hannah later on. This will be a great time for you and Beth before Hannah is delivered. Take care, talk soon.

  3. enjoy and relax as much as you can :) yay for summer!!

  4. Isn't summer the best?!

    Glad to hear all is going good!

  5. It's awesome to hear how good you're doing! I'm so happy for you and your family
    I am super excited about summer too...we have lots of fun things planned :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace