double bummer

Well, today I had an interesting doctor's appointment, to say the least!

I got in quickly and out quickly because the doctor needed to rush across to the hospital for an emergency.

But before she left my room, she asked if I'd been feeling okay.  I said things were good with the exception of the shortness of breath in the mornings.  I can wear myself out taking a shower, putting on clothes, and adding a little makeup.  Most days lately, I have to sit down to complete this process.

Well, she took my pulse and said I was tachycardic.  That's fancy for "your heart is racing too fast and feels like it's gonna jump outta your chest." ;-)

So she had me go see a cardiologist to evaluate how much strain my heart was taking on due to the pregnancy and whether or not the baby needed to come earlier than our scheduled c-section date of July 25th. 

He was concerned that I was experiencing something like this with Hannah and hadn't with Beth, so he did an echo to check the heart.  Turns out, it looks good.  My heart murmur is still there but is functioning like it always does.

He believes my body is under a lot of stress due to pregnancy weight gain and possibly pregnancy sleep apnea. 

So doctor's orders?  I'm to chill!  I need to elevate myself when I sleep and during the day take things slowly.  If the tachycardia gets worse, it's up to the OB/GYN to make the call on whether we need to take Hannah sooner.

Chill.  Almost impossible with a four year old to watch over, but hey, I'll try! ;-) 

Basically, I feel tired and winded most days with a side of heartburn. Exciting. 

Now the doctor wants to see me once a week until delivery.  And this is where I regret keeping the same doctor I had deliver Beth as her new office is an hour away from where I live.  But I only regret it a little, cause I love her. hehe

Anyway, the second bummer to my double bummer post is the fact that I didn't win the new playground but a lady I know from my church did.   :-(   DANG IT!  I could have really used a playground in my backyard now... Oh, well... What's meant to be will be.

Now, where's my ice cream...?

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