work work work

My spring break officially ends tonight.  :-(  Back to work.  Back to "reality".  (((sigh)))

However, on the upside, my spring break has been VERY productive.  I managed to clean and organize Hannah's room.  I got Beth's old baby clothes and went through those, washing and putting away what I could reuse given that the seasons are off on my girls - Beth was a January baby and Hannah will be a July baby.  We also got the basement cleaned up and all items we didn't want to keep went into the garage in a pile for a yard sale - probably in June.  Cleaned up Beth's old swing and bouncer for Hannah.  The list could go on and on with little things like that I got done.  I'm very proud of myself!

Going back to work tomorrow wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to face the week alone.  Michael is out of town again in California.  He's actually on a plane heading out there now as I type this :-(  I miss him, but when he's gone I also miss him taking care of all the animals and driving Beth to school in the mornings.  Oh, well.  I'll survive.  Gotta do what you gotta do...

I thought I'd go ahead and share some pics I put on facebook today.  My mom, who hasn't seen me since Christmas, asked me to post a pic of myself so she could see "how big" I've gotten. ((sigh))  Well, needless to say because you all know I haven't done it before, I don't like to take the belly shots of me getting bigger.  I didn't do it with Beth and don't feel compelled to do it with Hannah.  I really don't like seeing myself in pictures, especially in pictures where I'm ... um... big.  And yes, I know I'm big because I'm prego with a huge blessing, but... um... I'm still big.  And I don't like those pics.   Pics like that inspired me to join weight watchers a years ago.  It was hard work, but I managed to lose over 50 pounds! 

Anyway, I took the pic.  For mom.  And I took a pic of the crib - bedding has been ordered.  Thought I'd share them.  Enjoy - you won't be seeing too many more pics like this! ;-)

24 weeks prego


  1. I know you don't like pictures of yourself pregnant, but I do :-) And I think you look fantastic!!!!

  2. I agree with Joanna! No one likes pics of themselves but remember we are our own worst critics! You look adorable!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your Spring Break! Only 35 more teaching days left for me! I cannot wait for summer break!

  3. Glad to hear you got so much done. And you look very cute - You're definitely glowing! =)

  4. You must return to work routinely. But I believe if Hannah Faith always gives the spirit to you. Keep your health. Wishing all the best for you!

  5. you are beautiful, Jamie!! I didn't much like my belly pics either, it took the pregnancy being over for me to look at them and think about how special that time was :)

  6. You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I am just like you, I hate pictures of myself. I used to hide from the camera as much as possible, esspecially when I was pregnant. I have almost no pictures of me when I was pregnant with our first five kids. I found out years later that my kids want to see them, but I can't go back in time and take them. So I started taking one every week starting at twenty weeks with our fifth child. I don't look at the photos much at all, but my husband and children love them. So I think it is great that you are taking a couple even if you don't like to. I am sure your mom LOVES the pictures. I know we all love seeing little Hannah grow. By the way, I LOVE that crib!

  7. You look so beautiful with Hannah. Love the crib. Take care of Hannah, deal with weight later. Believe me with two little girls you will stay plenty busy, so busy you won't feel like eating. lol Hugs sweetie, :)

  8. Thank you for the complement! However, I must tell you that I don't agree. I think you are much cuter than me preggo. It really doesn't matter though, does it? We are both so blessed to have these beautiful babies on the way. You are such a sweet friend. I am glad to be sharing this journey with you. I wonder if Hannah or Benjamin will make their apperance first. Since we are only thirteen days apart and mine always come early it could be either. It will be fun to see. They may even have the same birthday. Now that would be awesome. Well, I am done rambling for now. Take care of yourself and both of those precious girls. God bless you.