my stress filled week

This week has SUCKED, and I am happy to see it gone!

First, Michael left for Los Angeles, again.  This means, I had to take care of Beth all by myself (I don't do the single mom gig well) AND I've had to drive her to school in the mornings AND take care of the animals (2 cats, 2 dogs - one inside, one outside).  This just adds to my exhaustion....

Second, Monday. I came home to find that my dog had tried to rip up the carpet next to my closed bathroom door.  I guess she really wanted to get in there.  Why?  Well, she's decided after  7 years of not fearing thunderstorms that she's now afraid of them.  I suppose there was some thunder and she wanted to hide in my closet - which is in my bathroom.  Ugh!  On top of that, she pee peed  on the carpet next to my husband's side of our bed.  I discovered that after I stepped in it!  ERRR

Third, Tuesday night.  It was the awards banquet for my speech and debate team.  Kinda formal, with lots of parents.  I had to take Beth with me since hubby was out of town.  :-(  She is not a "sit nice and eat quietly" kinda girl - especially in a new and uncharted environment.  Needless to say, I hardly got to eat all the good food and got bad heartburn from what I was able to down quickly.  Thankfully, a daughter of the lady who hosted the event took Beth into another room to watch Tangled with her when we did the awards portion of the evening and I had to talk to the parents. ((cue relieved sigh))  However, I was exhausted after all that!

Fourth, Wednesday night.  Tornado warnings.  I don't do tornado warnings well. AT. ALL. I grew up in an area where the biggest weather concern was too much snow! So when I see pictures of devastation from tornadoes and hear of how many they've killed and, oh, by the way, those storms are headed our way... I FREAK!  Three times the tornado sirens went off around my house!!  And two of those times, the weather man swore they were headed straight for me!  Even mentioned the highway my street is off of!!

And that's when I woke up Beth to take her downstairs and "camp" until the "nadoes" - how she says tornadoes - eventually passed by.  Of course, I then later had to let her sleep in bed with me - something I've NEVER done, not even when she was an infant!  She fell asleep almost on top of prego me, and the sirens went of again!  This time, the "nadoe" was on the other side of the expressway (I had my laptop beside me to keep an eye on the weather), so I didn't wake her up.  Anyway, I hardly got any sleep that night.

So, Fifth, Thursday.  I felt like I was going to faint from complete physical and mental and emotional exhaustion all day.  I seriously don't know how I made it through the day. A few times I just wanted to run, hide in a corner, and cry!  However, I made it through the day, got my girl to her dance practice, and got in bed by 8:30pm.  Had a good sleep that night, at least.

That leaves me with, sixth, today.  Not such a bad day.  Pretty productive at work.  However, I think I've overdone it.  When I got home, my messy house was too much for me to take any longer, and I've since vacuumed and picked up.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but my house was bad off.  Now, it feels like I'm having contractions. Ugh! 

AND if my child comes out of her bedroom ONE. MORE. TIME!!!  I've just warned her, she will receive the spanking of her LIFE!!!!  I'm over the stalling techniques.  She's usually not THIS bad.  It's routine for her to come out once - saying she has to go potty - then I tuck her back in bed and she's never out again.  However, tonight?!  5 times with various excuses!!!  Just shoot me!

Go away week from hell!  Never come back!!!! 

I guess if there's one thing the Lord is teaching me through all this it might be...... appreciate your husband, Jamie!  He does make life so much easier to handle when he's home.  Shout out to all you single moms!  YOU! ROCK!!!

Fortunately, my hubby is flying back to me as I type this.  AMEN!  Cause I don't do single mom well... along with a lot of other things, obviously ;-)

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  1. WOW. What a week you had. See the days are quickly counting down on your Hannah. So glad you guys weren't hit by the tornadoes. The pictures are really devastating to look at on the news out of Alabama. Take care, Love you, :)