being caught up

I love Easter!  The joy that fills my soul when I think of my savior, his sacrifice for me, and how he rose from the dead.... it.. leaves. me. speechless

We're watching The Ten Commandments right now on TV, and tomorrow - as is my Easter tradition - I'll be sure to watch King of Kings.  I love both movies!  Why?  Simply because they so capture the holiness of my God. 

My quite time during this pregnancy - as I think I've shared before - has been hit or miss... honestly, mostly miss.  It's hard for me to focus on anything for a period of time these days, and with one annoying pregnancy symptom after another plaguing me (nausea now heartburn), I just can't make myself get up early enough to do it like I did before. 

All that is just an excuse though.  One I need to fight and conquer. 

And it just occurred to me, I can't do it.  Not alone.  All I really need to do is call on Him, and I'll have all I need to overcome anything, even heartburn ;-)

Our God is a mighty God!  Unlike any other!!  He is risen!

Happy Easter!


  1. Well put my dear friend. HAPPY EASTER to and your family. hugs

  2. He is risen (:

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