The best pillow?!

For those that were wondering, I did survive last week without daddy, but boy, it sure was exhausting!  However, there was no rest for the weary - when daddy got home I had to go to a state speech and debate tournament!! Ugh!  My team did well though; that helped.

As for me right now?  The best word to describe my existence is - fatigued.  I make it through the day alright, but by the conclusion of it, I feel as if I could collapse!  It kinda worries me to feel that way at times...

Anyway, one of my favorite American authors, Benjamin Franklin, once said of fatigue, "Fatigue is the best pillow." 

What do you think he meant by that?  Perhaps you sleep better if you've lived your day to the fullest?  Challenged yourself in the extreme?  I don't know, but fatigue makes me think of my pillow ;-) LOL

The things that continue to ail me in the pregnancy are fatigue, heartburn, and nausea in the morning and at night.  However, the nausea has eased up some.  That's a plus. 

I'm anxiously awaiting Hannah Faith.  Here's another way to say how I feel...

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all."  Vince Lombardi 

I looked up some quotes on fatigue ;-)

Truly though, Mr. Lombardi got it right.  When you're so tired, you feel weak.  And when you feel weak, you feel afraid, anxious.  I don't like feeling this way.  July couldn't come soon enough!

Please don't hear that I'm ungrateful to be pregnant.  I think those who've followed my blog know how much I've wanted this pregnancy, my Hannah Faith.  I'm just not grateful for the pregnancy symptoms.  Right now I wish I could be one of those who have symptomless pregnancies and who rave about being pregnant, but that's just not me.  I'm simply holding out for the pay off - bring on the baby girl!  Too bad you can't skip the 9 month onslaught of your body.  ;-)

Hope you all are having a good week!  Next week, it's my spring break!!!!!! Whooo HOOOOO!!!!

Think I'll go find that best pillow Franklin was talking about... ;-)


  1. Still praying for all those nasty symptoms to fade so you can simply enjoy this time!

    Always enjoy hearing from you!

  2. Hugs Jamie! Hope you can get some much needed rest over spring break. And that time will move by quickly and safely until Hannah's safe arrival!!

  3. Dear my friend...Jamie. I hope you remain in good health. Whatever you feel, remain thankful to God is the best choice. In my place, many pregnant women who still have to work hard physically. They have to work in order to meet with 'food' in today. Be thankful because God gave a lot of convenience to you. I just got an email from a friend in Japan, she was very scared for the pregnancy. We all know that nuclear radiation has threatened thousands of babies and fetuses in the stomachs of thousands of Japanese women. Hopefully your holiday will be great fun and you can be healthier longer. I agree with Franklin. Indeed I feel a delicious sleep when tired. Forgive me if my words are not polite. Yours sincerely.

  4. Happy to hear you survived last week. Take care. hugs :)