Prayers for Carl

We have a friend in our sunday school class named Carl - a husband and father of 3 beautiful children ranging from 9 to 4.  Months ago, he started experiencing back pain.  The doctors couldn't really find anything wrong with him.  They gave him some drugs, suggested some exercises...  Still the pain persisted.

Finally, a scan of his back was done.  It revealed a mass on his upper spine.  Surgery was scheduled to get the mass out, as it was determined that this must be the cause of his pain.  This updated was then posted on his wife's facebook...

Surgery went quicker than expected (3 hrs vs anticipated 5hrs); Dr didn't have to use a "patch" so there was no invasion of the spinal cord; he's cleared to have 2nd surgery (as long as healing is progressing) in 3 wks; the tumor was NOT a what the Dr originally thought, therefore, he seemed a bit concerned (re pathology); frozen biopsy came back inconclusive; add'l specimen sent for further analysis & the results can take 4 days -3wks (ARG!)

2 weeks later, it was revealed why pathology came back inconclusive on the tumor.  His wife Emily wrote on facebook...

Honestly, I am trying to type thru the tears, headache & the spinning in my head. We do know that Carl's tumor is malignant (a Ewing sarcoma). The "usual" treatment for this cancer is immediate oral chemo drugs x9wks, then radiation, possible surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor, then up to NINE months of chemo. WOW, we may have a VERY LONG journey ahead... Anyway, he goes tomorrow for a CT scan & a consult with the thoracic surgeon. However at this point, we've been HIGHLY urged (from a pediatric oncology nurse & her oncologist she worked for) NOT to proceed with 2nd surgery. While this is preliminary, she feels Carl needs an extensive metastatic work up (ie-bloodwork, bone biopsies, CT scans, etc) to determine the extent of the cancer. So we are waiting on her to relay his report to her oncologist & then recommend which facility/doctor within the US would be best to handle it. This cancer is VERY rare (only 250/yr in the US) & virtually ALL of them in children & adolescents. So...we'll let you know as we know something. Honestly, I don't know what to even ask you prayer warriors what to exactly pray for... Oh, my heart is SOOOOO heavy!? AND, our kids don't know this yet! THanks for keeping this between the adults! Love you all more than words can EVEN begin to say...

Right now, they are awaiting suggestions from two top oncologists in the nation who have dealt with this cancer in adults.  Really, in adults over 30, only one or two are found in a year to have this type of cancer.  Also, Carl goes in today for another scan to see if the cancer has spread.

So I ask those of you who are born again believers in our God the Lord Jesus Christ, pray for Carl, his wife Emily, and their three precious children (Tyler, Madison, Regan).   Pray also that they will get a clear direction from the doctors as to what to do next.  Give Carl wisdom to know what path he should travel concerning his treatment.  Also, please pray that the scan today reveals that his cancer has NOT spread. 

Carl is a testimony!  Yesterday in sunday school, he stood up before us all and said, "I thank God for this cancer! I had prayed that He would use me one day to reach thousands, and I wasn't sure how He would do it but felt like He would one day.  I really believe that this is how He's going to do it.  I can't stop thanking my savior for this opportunity, and I can't stop taking every moment I can to let everyone know there is a God... He died for us... He loves us... wants a relationship with us...  Just ask Him!"

I couldn't help but tear up when I heard him say this!  To thank God for a cancer that will - odds are without a miracle - kill you?! 

So today, offer up prayers for Carl to our Jesus, fully God and fully man.  To He who was and is to come.  Join me in this.  And then I plan on praying for myself, that I would be less self-centered and more giving.  That I would gripe less and love more.  Wow, he's a testimony!


  1. Jamie, I will most certainly keep Carl and his family in my prayers. Please keep us updated as to his progress in this journey he is traveling. :)

  2. Keeping Carl and his family in my prayers.

  3. Carl is a true testament of God's love. I must say I never thanked God for my health issues, but its certainly worth thinking about.

  4. I will hold Carl and his family in my prayers. What a very frightening time for them this must be.