I needed that

I get really tired some days/nights.  Like today, after sitting through speeches in every single class I teach - biography speeches in American lit and special occasion speeches in public speaking - and then I go to a literary team meeting after school, get my Beth, go to Chick-fil-a for dinner, run to church, help out in children's choir, and then help out in Awanas... Well, I'm tired...

And when I get really tired, I get really depressed lately.  Like I just want to cry myself to sleep and not wake up the next morning!

But as I was reading through some blogs, I came across Kristie's blog Samantha's Song.   I love Kristie.  She always seems to have the right words when I need them!  God is really using your life girlfriend to minister to us in the BLM community!!

Well, she had made this video with the Mark Shultz song, "Time That Is Left."  I'll put a youtube link to the song at the end of this post because I can't seem to link to hers, but if you want to see her video with the song, visit her page that I linked above.  Anyway, the song is what I needed to hear to tonight.

It asks some questions I really needed to ask myself...

What will you do with the time that's left?
Will you live it all with no regrets?
Will they say that you loved to your final breath?

What will you do with the time that's left, Jamie?!  Sit and throw those pity parties?!!?  NO!  Despite how tired I am, how we may struggle with money, or how overwhelmed I feel at times, we've got it pretty good compared to many out there!  So, NO!  No pity parties!  At least not tonight ;-)

I try to live with no regrets.  I put it all out there!  I give my 100%  I try to love always.

What will you do with the time that's past?  Can you give it to Jesus and not look back?

Yes, I can.  I must.  I will.  That doesn't mean I won't remember our Angel, but I do need to start dwelling more on God's will that's kicking around in my belly.  I need to give it all to Jesus.

What will they say when your time has come?  Will He say well done...?

I hope so! That's what I want!  I want that higher way; I want to meet my savior with plenty of crowns to lay at His feet.  He's given me so much; He'll give me so much when I enter His kingdom.

Oh, how this weary soul yearns for that day...  Till then, I'll be about my Father's business.  Doing what I can, when I can. No more, No less.  No more because I don't want to burn out.  Even Jesus needed to walk away for some quiet time.  But - No less because He doesn't deserve less.

What will you do with the time that's left?


  1. I'm so very glad God showed Himself to you when you needed Him most, He's so amazing that way! Praying for you dear friend! And I'm totally out of the internet acronym loop, BLM? *hugs*

  2. Love this post and how true it is. I wrote a post a long time ago and its something not fully lifted from my mind about how we're tempted and Satan knows he'd be wasting his time trying to make me feel like I deserve a "bar" night but he also knows how easily it is to convince me i'm tired or weak or lacking something or the need to complain or even the need to feel wronged by someone or a situation. But when i recognize how lame i'm being b/c i'm so richly blessed in so many ways it seems to sink in and its like those little animals you put in a bathtub and they grow to a washcloth out of a size of foam smaller than my pinky....
    I'll be praying 4 you this week :) I can't imagine experiencing some of the feelings, events, and thoughts you've had to overcome but it's like the song...if our God is for us who could ever stop us & if He's with us then who could stand against!