Good News

We're going to be able to keep Beth at her current daycare for their pre-k program come August! 

I had told the daycare/preschool that we just couldn't afford non-Georgia funded pre-k.  In Georgia, pre-k is free because it's lottery funded.  However, where Beth is now is a private Christian daycare/preschool. It's not a Georgia pre-k.  Anyway, it was just going to be too expensive when we'd also have to pay daycare for an infant come October (when I'd have to come back to work).

However, they said they wanted to give us a discount.  Oh me of little faith never imagined they'd discount to the point where we could actually afford the daycare/preschool for BOTH kidos - an infant and pre-k!?  But God never ceases to amaze me!  They've given us a HUGE discount, and now the daycare/preschool I was so heartbroken that we couldn't afford for Beth and our rainbow is within the range of our budget!!!  What an answer to prayer!  I should have had faith.  God says in His word if we are faithful with our money to Him, He would provide for our every need - AND HE CERTAINLY HAS!

Just wanted to share how amazing our God is.  Makes me feel good :-)


  1. this is wonderful Jamie! I am so happy for you! HUGS!!!!

  2. Praise God!!! This is great news! God is AWESOME!!!

  3. Jamie, I am so happy for you. God does watch over us and helps us. He was in court with us today. It went very well. I am so happy and can relax for now and know the boys continue to be safe and loved by Mike and I. Hope you are feeling better too. Hugs, :)

  4. That is great news. Funny I was reading your post today when I had to call off today because my sitter is sick. I have been depressed all day. I hate missing work it makes me feel like such a failure. I should have been enjoying the extra time with my bird! I am glad your rainbow is doing well, and I hope you start feeling better soon. Check in at bbc whenever you get a chance I know everyone would love to hear from you!

  5. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and your family and hope everything is going well for you. If you are like me you wish the snow would stop falling now and get onto Spring. :)

  6. I wrote a comment for this post a few days ago? I came by to say i've noticed we haven't heard from you lately and clicked comments by accident b/c my browser couldn't keep up w/ scrolling and I don't see my comment. Maybe you moderate? Maybe it got lost in the blogosphere and most of the time you'd be able to say i'm plum crazy but i'm positive I wrote a comment...very weird. Well if you don't moderate and its not stuck in a box& i'll try again....
    I thought that was great. I had alot of childcares issues while working the first 3 yrs of my daughters life and it was such a draining emotional stress for me. So its relieving I know to have such a blessing work out! Now....i've missed you just letting you know i'm still praying for you to have delightful days filled w/ God's presence!