doctor's visit update

Today, I finally saw my doctor!

No, that doesn't mean that for 17 weeks of this pregnancy I haven't been going to the doctor - as those that regularly follow this blog know - but what it does mean is this is the first time doc and I have chatted since the start of this pregnancy.

And she's totally worth the wait!  She puts you at ease.  She takes the time to talk with you, even when you know she's overly busy today because her ultrasound tech called in sick.  She's great!

In fact, she's so great that when I voiced a concern over not having much sick time to take for doctors appointments let alone upcoming maternity leave, she suggested she see me on some Saturdays.  Yes, Saturdays!  She is on-call one weekend a month at the hospital, and she said she at times sees patients on a Saturday when needed.  So, we moved my next ultrasound from March 16th to March 19th.  This way, I won't have to take time off from work, neither will Michael, and also Beth can come see if she's going to have a baby brother or sister. 

I'm looking forward to March 19th!  It's made me excited about this pregnancy.  You know, to have the whole family there to see who is in my tummy and who will complete our family.  It'll be a great day!!! 

The doctor did remark that I looked very tired.  She gave me another prescription for Zophran - a good friend during these still VERY nauseous times.  Thankfully the vomiting has subsided, but the nausea - as I told her - is still very strong, making me very tired, and at times feeling down or emotional.

This pregnancy, she admitted, has been very different for me as she compared this one to Beth's stats in her file.  One of the biggest differences is my weight gain.  At this point in my pregnancy with Beth, I was 13 pounds heavier than I am now.  Proof the nausea has curbed my appetite.  However, there's nothing unusual about the way I've been feeling.  I'm pregnant! I'll just have to wait it out.  COME ON JULY!!!

On a nice note, I got to hear the heartbeat again.  All is well with our bean.  I can't help thinking it's a boy... we've even got a boy name we're almost set on - Micah.  Although, we're still thinking about it...


  1. Exciting! Glad to hear you finally got to meet with your doctor and that she is so great. Sorry you're still nauseous all the time. So exhausting! Love ya!

  2. That is so great to hear. I'm so thrilled for you - except the constant nausea bit. Thanks for sharing!!

    I just read yesterday somewhere the some women use hypnosis to ease nausea. Have you heard of this? Seems strange, but who knows?

  3. That's awesome opossum! Already said at least one prayer 4 u today too. Psalm 60:11
    Give us help for the hard task; human help is worthless. In God we'll do our very best; he'll flatten the opposition for good.

  4. Jamie, so happy to hear you are getting excited about this rainbow now. The nausea will pass soon, you'll see. Who knows, with this pregnancy so different could be a boy. Boy or girl the child will be so loved by you and your family. Can't wait to hear about the family ultrasound. I always loved hearing the heartbeats. Just the comfort of knowing all is well and the new life is growing. Love the name you have picked out if it is a boy. :)

  5. Oh now I'm excited for March 19th! How great of her to see you on Sat and that the whole family will get to see that ultrasound:)

  6. I highly recommend acupuncture for nausea. It was the only thing that worked for me. (It is also the only thing that acupuncture worked for on me).

  7. What a blessing! I am praying for you to feel better real soon. Our big ultrasound is on March 23rd and I can't wait either. We will be having a detailed anatomy scan because of my medical history. I can't wait to find out if our little boy is completely healthy. I am praying that he is. I am praying for your little one too. God has really blessed us hasn't He? I LOVE the boy name you have chosen. As you know, it is near and dear to my heart. I bet Beth is so excited to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. I can just imagine the smile on her beautiful face. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend to walk this path with. God bless you and your family.