Snow Days!

Here in Georgia, if we have anything remotely frozen fall from the sky, things shut down!  And let me tell you, the sky opened up Sunday night!

So no work for me today and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow. Not sure when all this is gonna melt!  hehe  I LOVE IT!

The nausea, vomiting, and fatigue is still a daily battle, so I am beyond grateful for these days off!  Especially since my daughter's 4 year birthday party is gonna be at the house on Saturday. I've hired Belle to come and entertain some of her fellow princesses. ;-)  I need time to clean!  I hate having stuff at my house, but it was a somewhat cheaper route this year.  Hopefully by then all this snow will have melted!  I did have to reschedule her first birthday party due to snow.  I certainly don't want that to happen again!   This princess would be mighty upset!

Well, peeps, gotta run!  ((hugz))


  1. The snow does look beautiful. Hope you get your work done for the party. Stay in and stay warm.

  2. We had a snow day here in Kansas too! Kinda crazy! Hope you enjoy your days off and that you have a great party this weekend!

  3. She is the cutest little princess!!!! I hope she has a blast at her party. Be sure to give her a happy birthday hug from all of us in blogland:)

  4. Happy Birthday Beth!!!

    Sending you hugs and praying that you get a reprieve from the nausea. My dear IRL friend is suffering the same as you and I feel so badly for both of you. Let's pray this subsides soon.

    Take care of you!


  5. I'm so jealous! We have to go back tomorrow! And the snow y'all got looks just made slush In Louisiana and then slippery ice everywhere! Have fun tomorrow and Happy Birthday to Beth!

  6. Jamie, we also enjoyed some snow today. But every school around us is cancelled except the one we go to. Go figure. Anyways, i've awarded you with the stylish blog award you can pick it up on Wednesday when the post goes up. Have fun w/ the snow days!
    Take care,
    {tara}@ undeservingrace

  7. It sure is nice to have a friend who understands! Thank you so much for your comment and for all of your support. It is something that I really needed right now and is so appreciated! I really NEED to hear this little ones heartbeat next week. I think I will go crazy if the doctor can't find it. Well, I will keep praying for both of our rainbows. Thank you again!

  8. Don't fret too much on not getting to light the candle for awhile. God maybe helping you to cope more with the loss. I know I felt like I was letting down Melanie if I didn't say her name out loud everyday. After I married Mike and got pregnant I was so sick for three months that I couldn't say her name out loud without going to the bathroom. After awhile I decided it was God's way of letting me know I didn't have to do that to keep her in my memory or my heart. She is always there. I did tell the boys about their sister when they were old enough to understand and know that they did have a sister. I love how you all call your babies rainbows. I never thought or heard of that before. It is so beautiful. Someday you will know what I mean when I say these things as 37 years have passed since her birth. Your daughter is so beautiful. Hope she has a wonderful party. You know, I wish they had blogs and such back when I was in pain and grief. I love how you all are there for each other and understand each others pain. It was truly difficult back then, my mom would say things like, what is done is done, move on. She meant well, but could not understand my loss or my feelings of grief. There generation looked at things so differently and really didn't speak about such things to each other back then. Listen to me, I'm not over the hill, 55, but back then was a lot different than now. :) I admire all you ladies here. Keep strong.

  9. Jamie - have you looked into acupuncture for nausea? There are certain pressure points which are not good for pregnancy, but head and neck pressure points might help with the nausea and vomiting. I'm often sick [obviously not due to pregnancy] and have recently discovered this treatment and it helps lessen the attacks...just a thought to look into. Sorry if I had mentioned this memory is a little fuzzy these days.

  10. Your little angel is very beautiful! She has beautiful hair and dazzling smile!