my heart is heavy

I have two friends who are going through the darkness of miscarriage this week.

One of my friends may be experiencing her fourth loss.  She has a beautiful girl, and her heart is set on at least one more.  I know that feeling! Unfortunately, she has had  a hard time getting pregnant, and when she finally did, it ended in a loss.  Then she got pregnant again, fairly quickly, with twins, and lost them both.  And now, well, the doctors don't hold out much hope for her current pregnancy.  Miscarriage once is hard, but miscarriage of four angels... that's just not fair.

Then this morning, I just heard from a friend via facebook that she had to have a DNC yesterday.  :-(  She and I were due around the same time.  She calls her little angel, Rose. 

My heart hurts for my friends.  Mostly because I know there isn't a thing I can do to ease their pain.  Hugz - virtual and real - I can give, but peace, I cannot.

Miscarriage changes you. Enough said.

Here are some videos I found myself watching this morning. Videos I spent a lot of time watching in August of 2010 this past year. 

Crying and remembering my own loss while grieving yours my dear friends...   ((((((((((((hugz)))))))))))

I used to watch this show (General Hospital) but not anymore. Still, this video is powerful. I love the song. For those who've experienced early miscarriage...

For those struggling to get and/or stay pregnant...

For us all...


  1. I will be praying for your dear friends. I am so sorry:(

  2. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. If you have their names and addresses I would love to mail them handkerchiefs.

  3. I also found a fellow blogger lost another baby - the second video had me in tears all over again. Its so unfair!!! That video sums up how I feel today as I think about the past year...hope you don't mind if I post it as well. I love it!!