more good news and then stuff

First - update - Second round of blood work came back, and it looked exactly as it should and how the doctor wanted it to look! 


That means I won't see her until Dec. 16th!!!  Excited!

Let me preface this by saying, I'm not complaining.... but.... I'm still so tired and now so nauseous today.  I'm having a hard time functioning at work.  COME ON CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!

Okay, now for other ... stuff...

My church has been through a lot lately, and last night, we had a pretty tense budget fight... um... I mean... meeting ;-)  I'm concerned about my church...

The economy is bad, ya'll.  - like you  needed me to tell you this - duh, Jamie!  I know, I know...  It's just hitting me this week.  With the cuts being made at the church and then with what they are asking us to continue to give to pay off the building debt, Michael and I need to make some hard decisions.  As always, I want to do nothing more than God's will!  However, it's so hard to know what that is sometimes, especially when it comes to how to spend money and what to give to the church (over and above the tithe, of course). 

Around the time I lost our Angel, I gave Michael the finances.  For the first 11 years of our marriage until this August, I had control of the budget and checkbook.  After our loss, I just couldn't focus on that or think about it anymore. I'm glad I gave it over to him - should have long ago.  I don't have to ultimately make any of the decisions regarding financial matters anymore - that makes me happy - but I know I need to pray that my husband has the wisdom and discernment to know how we should be stewards of God's money. 

I need to pray, but lately, it's been really hard to get out of bed in the morning!  I usually do my quiet time in the morning, but my butt can hardly slip out from under the covers let alone get to our extra room to do my devotional.  I hate that!!!!!  Please pray that God will send me energy!!!!  I don't need to be missing my quiet time right now!

There's other stuff swarming in my head right now, but if I typed it all down, it wouldn't be pretty... just an ugly stream of consciousness that would seem as if written in a different language. So I'll stop here :-)

Hope you all are well!


  1. Hey girl! I am so glad all is well with the little one :) The economy IS bad for sure - I have been unemployed since May and not even able to tithe because we can barely survive. It's TOUGH!
    I stopped by to tell you to check out my blog I gave you an award!

  2. Praise God for your little rainbow! I am so happy for you! I am praying for that little rainbow to continue to grow strong and healty. I am sorry that you feel so crummy, but they do say that's a good sign. I will also pray for your church. God bless you and your family.