The Flu and stuff

My daughter has had the flu this week.  She woke up on Monday with a temp of 102, yesterday a temp of 100, and finally today, a temp of 89.  The doctor gave her some TamiFlu and said she should be better after 3 days - I'm guessing/hoping that this is the day.

SOOO glad!  I've stayed out of work with her on Monday and today - daddy had Tuesday.  Trying to get an active toddler to stay still so she can get better is REALLY hard!  So, I've had to get creative.  We've played some Candy Land, and I got my toes painted by my princess...

At least she was sitting still, right? ;-)

In other news, I'm feeling a little less nauseous today.  At least enough to maybe get a few things done around the house and some grading done during Beth's nap.  That's my hope.  We'll see how I feel in the next hour ;-)

My 8 weeks ultrasound will be next week - Thursday.  Counting down to that, all anxious and excited at the same time! I know my Angel will be on my mind the entire time...

My forget-me-not Angel is starting to come to life...

Hummm... what else can I share with you?  On this past Sunday night, my daughter and I were in her choir Christmas program.  I worked with the 3 and 4 year olds on this, and I did the narration for the play.  Here's the program...

God Bless ALL!


  1. Sure! Blame those toes on your daughter, we all know who really painted them! ;) I hope she starts feeling better soon and that no one else gets it. I'm still praying for a beautiful ultrasound next week, can't wait for that update!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Nice toes!! I've been checking out your story or loss and now happiness. I hope to have some happy news to share at some point too. I love the new! I'm just starting out my blogging experience and "feeling" my way around this...would love for you to drop by: