First Ultrasound

The first ultrasound showed that our baby bean is perfect! So, yes, this is the first of many ultrasounds yet to come :-)

Thank you all so much for your prayers and such sweet comments left on my posts lately.  Thank you too for sharing this good news with me!

I must admit - I was scared to death when I walked into that office!  Dr. B wasn't in, and so Susie, the ultrasound tech, took care of me.  She was also the one who took care of me when I had the ultrasound to confirm that Angel Baby's heart had stopped.  She was so sweet today - extra sensitive to my feelings.

As soon as the ultrasound got started, she made a bee line to the heartbeat of our baby bean and let me hear it.  Then she passed me a tissue. Yes, I started to tear up.  She reassured me, everything looked great! Heartbeat perfect, measuring perfect, yolk sak where it should be and.... WHOA.... my right ovary from which I ovulated was HUGE!  She said it must be pumping out a massive amount of hormones - and I told her that my morning sickness could testify to that as a fact!!!!  So the large amount of hormones being produced by my body combined with the extra prometrium I'm taking, that's what's causing the morning sickness.  Hopefully, the nausea will be gone come the second trimester like it was with Beth.

I have another appointment on Jan. 4 - for the 10 week blood work and doctor work up - and then another two weeks after that for the 12 week scan.  I'm psyched! 

I did get an ultrasound pic from today.  When I can find the energy to go downstairs to our scanner and scan it, I'll post it on the blog. 

Thanks again you all for patiently going through this with me!  ((((hugz)))) to all!!!!!!!


  1. That's great news Jamie - I'm happy for you!!!

  2. So happy that little bean is thriving! Now we just have to get his/her mommy over the morning sickness. Feel better soon Jamie.

    Sending God Winks your way :)

  3. This is beautiful news, I am thrilled for you.

  4. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jumping for joy for you! You totally made my day! I am praying that your precious rainbow continues to grow perfectly and that you feel better soon. I am feeling pretty bad so I hope that means that I too will get great news soon. My appointment is on Monday, but I don't think I will have an ultrasound that day. I should have one soon though, I hope. God bless you and this little baby.

  5. So Happy for You Jamie!!!! Such wonderful news. And so wonderful to have such loving care during your sono!

  6. So happy that everything went great and that baby bean is perfect! Sending you hugs.