I just want to shout it from the roof tops - my hormones are GREAT!!!!!

LOL @ me :-)

Yes, I just got off the phone with the doctor - she called me herself after not getting a call back from the nurse on Wednesday.  I just have to say I LOVE DR. B!!!!  She is so sensitive and caring!

She said my levels were perfect for as far along as I suspect that I am!  (((((HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF)))))

Then she said she could see me at the end of this week for an ultrasound - and... cue my hesitation.......

She sensed it, and said, "We don't have to.  We can treat you like a normal patient.  I can see you at 8 weeks for an ultrasound like normal?"

I hesitated again - not necessarily sure I wanted to be treated as "normal" but also not wanting an ultrasound now only being a bit over 5 weeks along....

She sensed my hesitation again, and said, "Let's do this.  Let's check your levels one more time.  Then, we'll go from there?" 

I happily exclaimed, "Okay!"

The nurse then called me back, and we set up the blood draw.  This Wednesday morning.  Results should be in by Friday.  Then I also went ahead and just scheduled a regular 8 weeks appointment for Dec. 16th.

I'm believing - and TRUSTING GOD - and I feel so is Dr. B, that the blood results from this week will come back fine, and so that's why I asked for the 8 weeks ultrasound appointment.

I know she would give me an ultrasound whenever I wanted, at this point.  However, my hesitation toward doing that early comes from not wanting to relive that moment... the moment where I look at the ultrasound screen and hardly see anything there when there should be more there (a heartbeat but not much else), and so I being to worry about the development of my baby.  That happened at an almost 7 week ultrasound with Angel Baby, on my birthday. A week later, I miscarried.

I just can't do that again.  So I want to go in when I know I'll either see my baby bean with a good heartbeat or I won't...  I'M BELIEVING I WILL THOUGH!  ****giddy from excitement****

Dr. B believes that the loss of our Angel had to do with either one or both of two things:  1 - low progesterone and 2 - chromosomal abnormality - the most common reason for early miscarriages

Well,  number one is NOT a problem - most especially because I'm taking the synthetic progesterone night and day, prometrium.  And, well, number two... there's nothing I can do about that.  It's a God thing.  I need to believe that God's timing is all over this and good egg met good sperm this time to produce a rainbow baby.  :-))))

So, as long as these next tests come out normal as well, I won't see Dr. B until Dec. 16th - one day shy of 8 weeks along. 

I'm so excited, my heart is pounding!!! 

Hope you all are having a great day too!  Oh! And thank you for the responses to my idea for BLMs in honor of all our angels!  I'm soooo glad you love it!!!  I'll be sure to put the final touches on it over the Christmas break and roll it out next year - along with my new blog look that Franchesca at Small Bird Studio is working on.  I'm excited about that too!!!

((((((hugz 2 all))))))


  1. YEAH! So happy that your NORMAL! WHO HOO! THANK GOODNESS FOR NORMAL! Now, just breath and keep smiling as you think of that rainbow growing inside you:)

  2. That hesitation is completely normal. I was terrified to go to my appointment where I was to see the doctor with Gabriel because that was the day I lost my first baby. I'll be praying for you guys and I'm so happy for you!

  3. Yea for the Blog Make over...Franchesca is precious!


    SO HAPPY that your levels are rising! Rise betas rise! And I'm thrilled that you love your OB, as I adore mine. Having a kind and caring physician makes all the difference.

    Hugs, Much Love and Prayers Always

  4. Yea for good news and blog makeovers ;)
    love you girl! You are always in my prayers! So happy for the great news :) I'm actually BEGGING my AF to come so that we can TTC lol it's the first time in a long time I have WANTED it to come. It's late GRRR I need this dumb surgery so we can get a move on ;) (and it would be pretty impossible for me to be pg right now)

  5. Such GREAT news Jamie!! So glad to hear it!

  6. LOL i have that hesitation as well. Enough to where Ive thought about not even going to the doctor till im in 12 weeks, plus later ultrasounds get you a baby of some sort to look at not just a line of whatever. I dont know what ill do, if that even happens :( Im so happy for you tha teverythign is going good!