to try or not to try, that is the question

Well, this month's fertile window is now upon us. 

Been charting (maybe a dip in that this morning)... been using OPKs (all negative so far)... 

I dunno what I want to do at this point - if I want to do anything at this point.

I have this darn cough that won't quit!  It tires me out.  I can't hardly think!

I've got a lot to do the rest of this week - fieltrip tomorrow with my public speaking kidos, and Friday set up for the Saturday speech and debate tournament that we throw at our high school.  Busy Busy Busy next few days. 

Trying to conceive in the midst of all this - not really a priority.  And I'm kinda glad I'm not obsessing about trying to catch this month's egg.  Don't get me wrong - we'll try - once - maybe twice.  But that's all. 

If I do get prego this month,  it'll be a God thing.  Not that it isn't ever a God thing to get pregnant.  It's always Him who gives life... and takes it away...

A little tid bit to end this very random and pointless post - If I were to conceive this month, the baby would be due in July, on my birthday.  On the day we saw my Angel Baby's heart beating... and knew that something wasn't quite right with him/her.  Yeah, that day.

So BFP would signal a nice birthday present for me next year; at least, a better one than I got this year.

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  1. My birthday is in July too :) It is when I found out I was pregnant - or I should say when the doctor's office agreed I was pregnant ;) You're right it's always a God thing - so no need to worry if it's meant to be it will be :) (((hugs)))