A way to remember...

As I do some research online and get ideas as to how I can remember my Angel and help others to remember theirs, I'm increasing becoming obsessed with the forget-me-not flower!

They are BEAUTIFUL!  Don't you think so?  Now, they come in more colors besides blue, but I really like the blue!

Anyway, I feel like God is giving me a vision to help me and you all remember our babies using forget-me-nots.  However, it's gonna take some time and learning on my part to implement.  As I was thinking about how, economically, to begin this process, I felt like the Lord is saying for me to take it slow.  In fact, this is probably something I'll roll out to you all in March - the month my Angel Baby was due.

Until then, I found this great website - YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT - that has an online memorial forget-me-not garden.  It's too cool!  Check it out!!

Praying you've all had a relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday!

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