Super Sunday

I've got sooo much to blog about today - where do I start?!

I'm still pregnant!  And I'm still in shock!!  I just want to praise Him constantly - our Lord does so many good things for us!  I'm far too blessed...

Today, I'm gonna do a link up to a blog I LOVE reading - written by a lady I work with who inspired me to start my own blog after the loss of our Angel Baby. 

Not Super...Just Mom

My blogger friend writes about her Super Sunday Link-Up: "The purpose of Super Sunday was to carve out one day a week where we choose to have a good day (A Super day. Duh.) and actively seek to make that sort of day happen.  Your super day doesn't have to be on Sunday.  It can be whatever day you want it to be.  But the point is that you choose ONE day to have the kind of day you want to have by doing that day your way."

I'm going to choose to have a good day - despite the fact I'm so tired I can hardly see straight because I got home at midnight from a speech/debate tournament.  I'm going to have a day where I celebrate this new life growing inside me - like I wish I had celebrated the early days of our Angel Baby's life. 

What I mean by that is, I didn't tell everyone that I was pregnant when we found out we were expecting our Angel.  I did with Beth, but I didn't with Angel.  I'm not sure why... perhaps it was the early apprehension I felt with Angel.  It made me hesitate to share the news with the general populace.  And I regret that.

This - just like Angel was - is a life growing inside of me!  God has done a great work in me!  And I want everyone to celebrate it with me.  I've shared it with my Sunday School, and now I've shared it with friends on facebook.  (I know there are some out there that think this is a bit much, going overboard perhaps? but it was something I needed to do, so respect my decision as I respect yours to share or not to share, please?)

And that's one of the points of this Super Sunday Link-Up, right? "Choose ONE day to have the kind of day you want to have by doing that day your way."  And that's what I wanted to do today - celebrate by sharing the news of what God is doing in our life! I'm believing and trusting that this is our rainbow!

Now, for a prayer request.  I go in to see the doctor on Tuesday at 11am.  When I called the OB office to let them know I was pregnant, they said I should begin taking my prometrium in the morning and at night (which I am doing) and that the doctor wanted to see me sooner to do blood work.  That's Tuesday. They want to monitor me more closely this time.  I'm happy for that, but I'm not so happy to be going back to the office and seeing my wonderful OB... because... well, I'm worried, and memories of all the bad news that came my way in that office, I know, will come flooding back.  So pray for me, my baby, and Tuesday?

This baby is due July 26 - my birthday.  God is sooo good.  This is the day we found out something was wrong with our Angel.  Now this is the day the good Lord will give us a rainbow instead.  ((gives me chills to think about it))

One more thing before I end my blog post today...  I found this on the Butterfly Mommies website.

Anchored by Hope Radio is holding a contest for blog authors right now. If you have been positively affected by a blog, you can submit that blog author to be interviewed live on our radio show! Here is a link you can use to fill out that form. Although you can only submit the blog once, you can ask your friends to recommend the same blog. The more unique recommendations the better their chances are of winning!

When I racked my brain as to which blog I would recommend, one stood out in my mind the most.  Jessica's at Too Beautiful For Earth.

Jessica has lost two babies to early miscarriage - her Peyton and Riley.  Her blog has been an inspiration to me.  There are not many blogs out there from BLMs who've had early miscarriages, and so, her blog is the one I can most relate to when I read it.  Not to mention she is the sweetest most caring individual I have come across online.  So, Jessica, you're about to be recommended for the show!

Here's to a Super Sunday!


  1. Sending you HUGS and lots of Love as you go for your visit with your OB.

    As you said, GOD IS GOOD....SO GOOD! Our Rainbow is due just 4 days before Christian's angelversary and in the beginning my emotions were mixed, but now I see this date as a beautiful day. Embracing the positive and always remembering my angel.

    Holding you close to heart and continuing to pray for your Rainbow :)


  2. I'm so happy for you, Jamie! How beautiful for July 26 to be your due date. God is truly amazing! Your prayer request is on my list. Hope to chat with you tonight!

  3. Congratulations! I pray that your pregnancy will be healthy and happy.

  4. First of all I have been so busy I haven't been keeping up on reading! I can't believe I missed the announcement! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU! I hope I have a crazy awesome blessing and I get pregnant next month and we can be due close to each other!!!!! Thank you for the scripture - it means so much!
    Your nomination made me cry - and saying I'm the sweetest person you ever met online is just so amazingly nice of you to say. I'm glad that you like my blog and you have been able to relate with me. I am praying my butt off for your appointment and the rest of the 9 months!!!! Thank you so much Jaime! You deserve every happiness and I hope that you receive it <3