so, so tired - bleh - *smile*

When I get home from work these days, I can't do anything.  I'm so tired!  I know it's the first trimester hormones raging away at my being, but it's twice as bad as it ever was with Beth.  First, probably because I'm having to run after her when I get home, but second, it's this prometrium (for low progesterone) I'm taking - I know it.

I remember the one week I was on it with our Angel Baby, in a desperate attempt to save that life, and I was exhausted! Prometrium kicks butt! Especially when you are having to take it in the morning and at night.

But please don't hear me complaining - I really don't want to complain!  I feel so blessed to be pregnant and all signs pointing to a healthy pregnancy so far that the last thing I want to do is complain about any aspect of it.  In fact, yeah for fatigue!  If the more tired I am means the more pregnant I am, bring on the new early bed time!  hehe 

I had a few moments today where I thought I might puke on a student in the front row of my class - and I'm even thankful for that! Bring on the nausea! ;-)

The only thing I'm concerned about right now is getting those papers graded that have been sitting on my desk since October.  I have no motivation to grade - zero!  Especially when I get home after working all day.  I just need to figure out a way to get through them...

Oh, well.  They always get done eventually!  Anyway, I had my second blood draw this afternoon, and I should have the results from that before the weekend.  I'll let you know what they say.

I anticipate all is well, as it is with my soul right now.


  1. Praying for extra energy for you right now Jamie! And the motivation to get that grading done. In fact, I should do some of that myself. Except for me it's 9th grade name design paintings!

  2. Praying for you hon :) Much much love to you!