Sick and TTC

So, we're really not TTC (trying to conceive) this month. I wanted to take a break from that. However, we were together near the day of estimated ovulation suggested by - mostly because a part of me can't at least allow for God to have a window of blessing open to me, if His timing fits here even though mine doesn't. 

Anyway, I don't imagine I'm pregnant after one time together, but that is all it takes... one time...

So this poses a problem... I'm sick. Well, I have this cough and congestion that is kicking my butt and almost totally taken away my voice today. I'm about to take a nap, but I'd like to take something for this cough!

I just don't know what to take?! What does one take when you're not on birth control and have been together with the significant other near estimated ovulation so there is chance - albeit a VERY slim one - that you could be pregnant?

I don't even think I'm going to ovulate this month.
Day 15 was the suggested day of ovulation, but there's been no spike and/or a sustained thermal shift.  Maybe my cough and overall feeling of ickyness right now is contributing to this?

Anyway, I need sleep.  Guess I'll just wait this cough out...


  1. Hmm I can't really offer any suggestions on medicine so instead I'll just offer (((HUGS))) hope you get better soon! And yes all it does take is one time LOL that's pretty much all it took for Riley & Peyton LOL

  2. I'm rooting for you. I've known many couples that got pregnant the very month they stopped trying. (worked for us too after a year of trying). So not to give you false hope. You should also get a list of meds from your doctor. There are so many more that are considered safe now, even from just a few years ago. Good luck girl :)