i just wanna cry right now...

... and I don't really know why.

Well, that's a lie.  I know why.  I haven't started my period.  And it's stressing me out.

I took a pregnancy test Wednesday morning and got a BFN.  I do feel premenstrual.  SO WHY HASN'T AF COME?!?!?

As my co-worker, friend, and fellow blogger tells me, I probably just have a cycle longer than 28 days... There are tons of other reasons why it's being delayed...

However, the only reason I really want to be true is because I'm pregnant.  And as I type - I'm really okay if I'm not pregnant this month; we really didn't try that hard - I know now in my heart that is a lie.

I'm overwhelmed at work; I don't want to be here right now; and even Colossians 3:23 is not bringing me any comfort...

Pray for me, please?


  1. I'm sorry for the emotional roller coaster ride. My prayers for you continue...♥

  2. Stressing out sadly could just delay it longer. That could be the one and only reason it's delayed. But I know NOT stressing is easier said than done. Praying for you momma <3