what a BAD day - you're not going to believe it...

Well ... ((((cue huge sigh)))  I don't even know where to start...  How about I just list the reasons why I'm just... um... melancholy (to use a word none of my students ever seem to know what it means)

1. Waiting until Friday morning to test (which is early to take a pregnancy test but I'm gonna try anyway) is driving me a little batty.  I keep thinking AF is coming with every ache and pain :-(

2. Every time I walk into the high school where I teach, I feel my stress level begin to increase.  A part of that has to do with the 120 essays on The Crucible that are sitting on my desk in the English office seemingly screaming my name when I walk into the room.  Cue guilt trip for having not started grading them yet :-(

3. The Autumn Argument, our speech and debate tournament at the high school which I help coordinate, is coming up fast - Nov. 6th.  And I have done everything I need to do to get things ready for that?  Nope.  And time just keeps ticking away.  I just have no desire any longer to do much for speech and debate - despite how important an activity I believe it to be for my students.

4. Lincoln County High School Tournament for speech and debate this weekend.  It's 3 hours away - every minute worth the drive - but I'm not looking forward to the drive home.  It's just hard to stay awake after a long drive there and then back home.  Pray for me Saturday as help to transport 20 students to this tournament - 4 of which will be in my car.

5. And last, but certainly not least - the is the OMG moment promised in this post's title - I had a student inform me today that she is dying from a brain tumor.  It looks bad - that's what she told me.  So after she shared this news and how hard it has been for her to talk with God about this... after she explained how difficult it was for her to pray because of her anger... I shared that I knew how she felt; I shared how with the loss of our Angel Baby this year, I learned how important it is to spend time with God despite how we may feel.  I encouraged her to pray.  Then we prayed together.  Hang on.... story isn't done ... :-(

So, I tell some other teachers about this poor student's plight :-(  And they respond, well, she's probably lying to me :-o  They encouraged me to call home and talk with a parent, and if it is true, then I should encourage him to contact all her teachers with the news.  So, that's what I did... and  so... yup... she lied to me :-(((

I have no idea what to do with that.  It's just the icing on top of my already bad cake that is today.  AND while at church tonight, the child called my cell phone (she has my number because she's on my speech team and at tournaments they need it for emergency purposes).  Anyway, she appologized.  Wants to talk to me.  And right now, all I really want to do, is ring her little neck!!!

However, I'm a Christian.... and the associate preacher tonight preached on... yep, you guessed it... extending grace and forgivness to those that have wronged you.  ((((((SiGh)))))

I'm not feeling it right now people... right now, I'm feeling... like... I need a big pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ICE CREAM! 


  1. WOW that is awful! SOOO sorry! And you shared something so personal UGH - just awful! When I started reading it that is immediately what I thought I was like NO WAY! There are children that have lied about being touched inappropriately simply because they did not like the teacher - even though they found him not guilty OBVIOUSLY his life is pretty much ruined when it comes to teaching at least. Kids can be SO dumb! Much love to you - without God how do people survive? (((hugs))) <3

  2. I know you feel duped by that child, but I am saddned as to why this child told such a terrible fib. From the outside looking in, this chid is crying out for attention. The reason lies deep within a child that has greater issues. This kid needs to talk with a psychologist and soon.

    You reacted the right way, with compassion. I would want to talk to this child to find out just why she felt the need to lie. Obviously she trusts you and was trying to gain your attention. It's just so sad. Talk with your schools counselor to gain some insight, as I think this goes beyond "just lying".

    As for the testing, my heart goes out to you, as I remember those moments of anxiety. I will be praying for peace of heart for you and a BFP. Lifting you up in this moment.


  3. As I was reading I thought, this is how God works. He will bring people into our lives for a reason at a certain time. Then I continued reading and wasn't sure what I felt, how could she lie to you. Obviously she has issues that run deep to tell such a horrific lie. I am glad that she apologized to you and feel that God still must have a reason why he brought the two of you together. ((HUGS))