two GREAT things to share - a nice end to MHM :-)

First... a conversation between my daughter and I...

Beth: Momma, can I wear the butterfly PJs?
Me: No, those are too small.  I should put those away.
Beth: To give to the baby!
Me: What baby?
Beth: The baby Jesus is going to put in your tummy.
Me: (choked up) Yes, maybe.
Beth: But Mommy, you have to wait patiently, right?
Me: (choked up) Yes, sweetie.

few mins later...

Beth pulls out a DVD and says, "Mommy, let's watch Sleeping Beauty.  And when the baby gets here, we can watch it together!"

Me: *speechless*

This conversation makes me happy.  It came out of NOWHERE!  I swear; I haven't talked to her about our Angel Baby and she hasn't overheard Michael and I talk about babies.  This is almost as if God is saying to me we'll have that rainbow baby someday... :-))))  I can still hope, right?

Second... I just won a giveaway from Jessica who blogs at Too Beautiful for Earth!  The first time I've won a blog giveaway!  I'm gonna get an Angel Baby bracelet!!! 

Mental Health Monday couldn't get any better!!!!  Thanks Jessica!!


  1. Wow Jamie!! Awesome - Awesome story!!! Wow! I'm so glad you had this beautiful moment with your daughter!

  2. Jaime what an AWESOME story to share! That is amazing - and YES you can still hope! I am glad you are excited about your bracelet :) And that it was a great end to your day!! :)